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International Drug Bust Larry D. Hall

International Drug Bust

Larry D. Hall

Published September 10th 2007
Kindle Edition
92 pages
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 About the Book 

    The United States today is infested with drug smugglers from all over the world.  This make it almost impossible to stop the entry of drugs into this country.  The amount of money involved could balance the national debit.  Making it almost impossible to match their high tech operations.  On any given day tons of illegal drugs enter this country and are distributed by drug dealers throughout the United States.  From the major suppliers that bring it in, to the distributors that distribute it throughout the country, and down to the street dealers that sales it to our kids.  This is happen every minute of every day some where in this country.  Making it almost impossible for the DEA (Drug Emforcement Agency) to stop the entry and distribution of drugs into or throughout this country.  Without inside help or being able to penetrate their organization (the fight against drugs is a up hill battle at most).  This is a war that we may never win (as long as their are users) their will always be someone to supply their needs.  Its sample economics (supply and demand).This is about a young boy that suffered a great lost, was able to over come, and become a special drug ageny for the DEA.  Because of drugs his whole family was killed, causing his mental break down, and the people that stood by him throughout it all.  His infiltration of a major drug cartel, the journey threw several foregin countries mapping out the route for major drug shipments to this country (while all the time trying to prove his father wasnt involved in the drug business).  So come along for the journey.