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Songwriters Playground: Innovative Exercises In Creative Songwriting Barbara L.  Jordan

Songwriters Playground: Innovative Exercises In Creative Songwriting

Barbara L. Jordan

Kindle Edition
110 pages
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 About the Book 

No more waiting for the Muse! Supercharge your songwriting with this unique program of 64 block-busting exercises. Developed by professional songwriter Barbara Jordan at the National Academy of Songwriters, the Songwriters Playground technique has proven successful for songwriters of all levels. Whether you write lyrics or music, these fun, easy-to-follow exercises will take you beyond your present level of craft into truly adventurous songwriting.Author Barbara Jordan has been writing songs for popular recording artists and film and television for over 2 decades, and is an independent music supervisor for feature films. For years, her popular Songwriters Playground series at the National Academy of Songwriters in Los Angeles has been captivating both professional and amateur songwriters alike with its unique and lively approach to the creation of songs. Barbara has also taught songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston.In the short history of songwriting books there has never been anything even remotely resembling Songwriters Playground. For starters, youre not supposed to read it- you have to do it. Barbara deals in much more than verses and choruses- her focus is on action and alchemy. This unique book challenges readers to reach inside of themselves, to fuel and fan the fires of imagination, to create great songs and, best of all, to have a wonderful time doing it.--Dan Kimpel, author, Networking In The Music BusinessAnybody interested in greasing their songwriting wheels -- and I do mean anybody -- should get a copy of Songwriters Playground and explore the program it outlines. After several years of teaching songwriting seminars and workshops, Barbara has created one of the best tools I have ever seen for unblocking your musical and lyrical creativity. Bottom line? Its a great book and a lot of fun.--C. Freff. Cochran, Keyboard MagazineWhen a student asked a famous novelist how to prepare to be a great writer, he replied, Write! Easy to say, but if the hard part for you is jump-starting your creative motor and keeping it oiled, Songwriters Playground is a book you need to play with. After doing these exercises, you may never again have an excuse for being blocked or uninspired.--John Braheny, author, The Craft and Business of SongwritingThis excellent book engages the songwriter in the sort of serious play that is the very soul of creativity. I highly recommend it!--Eric Maisel, author of over 30 books on creativity, including Fearless Creating: A Step-by-Step Guide To Starting and Completing Your Work of ArtOne of the most requested programs for songwriters ever presented at the National Academy of Songwriters: a brilliantly conceived, superbly organized funhouse of songwriter games and exercises designed to bypass the inner critic and tap into the power of the imagination.-- Steve Schalchlin, Former Managing Director, National Academy of Songwriters“I love it! Its playful, fun, and it encourages you to write from the heart. The reason we end up with writers block is that we take ourselves too seriously. This book encourages us to play, and thats when we loosen up and do our most creative work.--Joanie Bartels, Discovery Music/BMG recording artist (first female childrens artist to earn an RIAA-certified gold album)Now, who was it who said learning cant be fun? Obviously it was someone who has never read this book. Whereas most books drag you through page after page of boring text, this one keeps you guessing at what crazy writing exercise, illustration or quote youll find on the next page.