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E.Encyclopedia Science C. Woodford

E.Encyclopedia Science

C. Woodford

Published July 1st 2004
ISBN : 9781405303040
384 pages
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 About the Book 

I really liked this encyclopedia because it helped me learn more about science. It described space, electricity, cosmology,matter and forces which is everything you want from a book based on science.Since it described these key ideas in detail, It helped me achieve my goals of getting excellence in Science as well as improving my overall general knowledge. Because of this I would recommend this book to people whho are interested in science or who want to have an advantage in class. This in my opinion is very relevant to our world and our universe describing its wonders which i am personally interested in because this book told me that our future will almost certainly end in an unfortunate fate.Interesting facts like this made me want keep reading but a key thing is that it sets you up for a stephen hawking book which is a lot harder to read and teaches you more which is why I did not rate this book a five stars. This was its only let down but over all is a good read!