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Spaceman from the Dead Jason Musser

Spaceman from the Dead

Jason Musser

Published May 3rd 2012
Kindle Edition
9 pages
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 About the Book 

In the tradition of the glorious and goriest 1950s horror comics, the SPACEMAN FROM THE DEAD is your host who introduces each one of his fearfully shocking terror-filled tales of horror in which we guarantee at LEAST two shocking murders per story! Hunting accidents, hit-and-runs, the vengeful dead clawing themselves from their graves--youll find it all here!The Spaceman is our answer to E.C. Comics Crypt Keeper (Tales from the Crypt), as well as the Old Witch (The Haunt of Fear) and the Vault Keeper (Vault of Horror). The Spacemans stories have the same great 50s-vibe art and pre-Comics-Code adult situations--but with modern twists that make them EVEN BETTER than those old comics you love!In this first story, The Discovery, youll delve into the rarely explored worlds of GREED, JEALOUSY, and MURDER. Join the Spaceman in this complete full-color story from the first issue of our anthology comic Deterrent Comics featuring Mr. MX. This classic story with spot-on 50s-style art by Jeff Wood also appeared in the pages of prestigious BIG BANG comics (distributed by Image Comics) back in issue #29.Enjoy this historic first appearance of the Spaceman from the Dead, and be on the lookout for our SECOND story, a tale of young love, in which the Spaceman delivers a Bundle of Terror--coming as our second full-color Spaceman from the Dead eComic soon!PLUS in the meantime get your own copy of the Spacemans THEME SONG--the closing track from ANDROGYNAUT, the second big album by BILLY STARFIRE AND THE ORBIT BOYS--available now from amazon as mp3 downloads!Be sure to get our other eComics from amazon for your Kindle Fire or other Android device: The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SUPERHEROES features our corporate superhero team (imagine the Super-Friends meet The Office). And PUBLIC DOMAIN MAN--whose fights crime using his ability to adopt the powers of any fictional character that has lapsed into the public domain. But what happens when the character he chooses is still covered by copyright...? Find out! (Both eBooks available now!)