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Mega Book Publicity: 5 Steps to Getting Free Media Exposure for Your Books Bob Baker

Mega Book Publicity: 5 Steps to Getting Free Media Exposure for Your Books

Bob Baker

Published September 9th 2013
Kindle Edition
36 pages
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Get the Media Exposure You Deserve Using These 5 Steps to Mega Book PublicityMost authors fall short when it comes to getting exposure through the press. They either dont make the effort, dont know how, or go about it the wrong way.Most book publicity efforts are hastily thrown together without much thought or purpose behind them. Authors just get busy promoting themselves and seeking publicity ... without any real knowledge of how the media work.Id like to help you overcome these obstacles with this simple ebookOver the years Ive been blessed to receive a good amount of publicity.Some of the biggies include being interviewed on NPRs Morning Edition and quoted in The Guardian in the United Kingdom. Ive been either reviewed, interviewed or quoted in dozens of national and international magazines - from Electronic Musician and VIBE to Canadian Musician and American Songwriter.Ive had coverage in The Salt Lake City Tribune, The Sun-Sentinel in Florida, and even the print version of The Onion in Chicago. Over the years Ive also appeared in just about every newspaper and on most radio and TV stations in my hometown of St. Louis, MO.And if you include interviews, book reviews and mentions on blogs, podcasts and Internet radio shows, Ive enjoyed hundreds of publicity hits over the years.Where did I learn how to get all this publicity?For 10 years I published a music magazine in St. Louis. Over that decade I was approached by promoters of all kinds - from local musicians seeking exposure for the first time to veteran publicists who worked with major recording artists and record labels.After being bombarded with pitches, phone calls, emails, and press kits of all kinds for years on end, I formed some pretty clear opinions about what works and what doesnt. I knew what types of tactics caught my attention and lead to coverage ... and which ones pissed me off and did more harm than good :)When you serve as a writer, editor, or magazine publisher, you quickly realize that most people go about seeking publicity in the wrong way. Its not a malicious thing on their part. People just dont know any better.BUT ...I also recall the rare people and press kits that caught my attention. I remember the well-thought-out pitches that sold me on a bands or an authors worthiness ... and quickly motivated me to assign a feature story on the person or event.Heres the thing ...The people, bands, and books that caught my attention were not the flashiest or most expensive. They werent the loudest or the pushiest of the bunch. Not at all.In fact, the most effective promoters used a very simple approach. The thing that set them apart was that they did a few things different. Sadly, the vast majority of authors are clueless about these basic techniques and how to use them.With this powerful little ebook I reveal the most important insider secrets you can use to get more media exposure for your books.