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Meeting for a Lifetime Bonnie Sewell Miller

Meeting for a Lifetime

Bonnie Sewell Miller

Published May 10th 2007
ISBN : 9781425990893
316 pages
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 About the Book 

Meeting for a Lifetime tells the story of Maggie Heath, a 31-year old, creative, highly successful Meeting Planner. She is an attractive, independent, capable, and intelligent red head, who has a good sense of humor, loves outdoor sports, nature, children, cooking, and gardening. This novel shows what is involved in being a Meeting Planner-the frustration, the excitement, and the glamour. It also involves Maggies personal life, her closeness with her family, her relationships with three different men at different times, and her search for the right man. Set in the Tampa Bay area, this novel develops as Maggie accepts a challenge from the arrogant Lawrence T. Chadway, son of the founder of Chadway Motors, to create the best event she has ever done and the best Chadway Motors has ever held- an event that must be planned and produced in a seemingly impossible time frame. Before her second meeting with Chadway, Maggie is injured in a sailing accident. She arrives with a black eye, a bandage on her forehead, and a cast on her left arm. During this meeting, she is dizzy and holds onto the edge of a table to steady herself. Chadway does not seem to notice her looks or condition. Its business as usual. Enthusiastically, Maggie attempts to present her ideas, but Chadway nixes each one before Maggie can complete her explanation. She leaves his office frustrated, thinking she should cancel her involvement in his big event. She really wants no more to do with this man. Before Chadway leaves for a five-week trip to Europe, he introduces Maggie to John Vaughn who is to assist her in planning and coordinating the event. However, Vaughn resents Maggie and sees her as a threat to his position at Chadway Motors. His resentment impedes her progress. Other conflicts in the story result from Maggies desire to have a home and family, yet still have her career. One man in her life who