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The Scorpio Effect: A Novel J Keehn

The Scorpio Effect: A Novel

J Keehn

Published February 26th 2003
Kindle Edition
220 pages
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 About the Book 

Strange occurrences take place in upper New York State, including a bloody double murder at the estate of a wealthy corporate chieftain. Beguiled by the growing mystery, a group of paranormal specialists investigates the incidents. What they find astounds them. For they stumble upon nothing less than a hitherto unknown supernatural force that eventually comes to be known as The Scorpio Effect.Calling on the powers of a world class psychic medium, the group determines that the powerful force was somehow spawned out of the deadly clash between three Scorpios vying for corporate supremacy at the headquarters of a local corporation. They find out that one of the three Scorpios had been murdered, and another is in an insane asylum. This still leaves the dominant Scorpio, who by now is totally possessed by The Scorpio Effect.Fearing that the force is growing stronger by the day, the group goes into high gear. In the next 48 hectic hours, they have to identify and find the third Scorpio and neutralize the power of The Scorpio Effect.